British Columbia Certified Organic

Bastion Ranch is a working cattle ranch located on the shores of beautiful Shuswap Lake. For over 50 years and four generations our family has been using natural and organic techniques to grow great tasting, grass fed beef. Our herd includes Galloway and Scottish Highland cattle. Since 2004, we have been certified with the North Okanagan Organic Growers Association (NOOA), and are certified for organic hay, pasture, and beef.

Our animals are raised with:

  1. No animal by-products
  2. No growth hormones
  3. No chemical pesticides
  4. No antibiotics
  5. Only natural grass and alfalfa feed, grown without chemical fertilizer, pesticides, or herbicides

You can purchase Bastion Ranch certified organic beef directly from the farm (contact us) or at any of the following markets and stores:

  • Organic Food Market: Every 2nd Wednesday at the Uptown Askews parking lot, 2701 11 Ave NE, Salmon Arm, 3-5pm
  • Mountain Goodness Natural Food (Revelstoke) sell various cuts of Bastion Ranch Organic Beef

Please contact us at 250-835-4314 or email:

Our animals have acres over which to graze and choose grasses to their liking. In winter, they can move freely between feed bins in pasture and forest settings.

This strategy builds a stronger herd through daily exercise and diverse food choices. They are also moved frequently off of soiled ground to help break disease and parasite cycles.

There are health benefits to eating grass-fed beef. Many cuts of our beef may actually have less fat than skinless chicken, yet have 3 to 4 times more Omega-3 fatty acids (the good fats) than grain fed beef. All our beef is provincially inspected for your safety. Check out the articles for more information.

We provide custom variety boxes that include extra-lean ground beef, roasts, steaks, and sausages. Contact us for more details. Contents, price, and availability are subject to change.