Bastion Ranch has been raising cattle for over 50 years, involving five generations of our family. Charles and Caroline Fleur de Lys came to Bastion Ranch in the 1940’s, followed quickly by their grandson, Edmond Miege, their daughter Renee, and her husband, Augustin (Gus) Naef. Edmond (or “Eddy” to his Canadian friends) and Gus were life-long friends. Together they cleared land, raised cattle, and enjoyed life.

When they first started farming at Bastion Ranch, there was no road on this side of the lake. All the farm produce had to be moved by boat to Sicamous, where it was sold. Most of the work was accomplished with help from horses, and many of the old horse-drawn machines are still here on the farm. 

Today, Edmond’s Bastion Ranch is run by David Miege and his wife Kathleen. David has a B. Sc. from the University of Victoria and is a published author of articles in wildlife biology. He was a member of the Canadian National Rowing Team, winning medals at the 1991 Pan American Games. Kathleen has a degree in Education and a second degree in Geography. Together they are raising five children at Bastion Ranch, and live in the house once occupied by David’s grandfather, Gus.

In 2006, the Mieges started an agri-tourism venture at the eastern edge of the farm. Canoe Point Orchard is an exclusive RV park where country living meets the ultimate Shuswap Lake experience.